Ham Radio Deluxe Archives
All 5.x Files will be removed from the Ham Radio Deluxe server on September 1, 2013. This is the free version of HRD.
As allowed by HRD*, and as a courtesy to Amateurs, we are hosting the files here so Hams may continue to have access to them.

You can find the most recent version of Ham Radio Deluxe at HRD Software LLC .

HRD Version 5.24.38
(British English Fix)
October, 2012
HRD Version 5.24.36 August, 2012
HRD Version 5.24.28 July, 2012
HRD Version 5.24.25 (Notes) July, 2012
HRD Version 5.24.3 (Notes) July, 2012
HRD Version 5.23 June, 2012
HRD Version 5.22 May, 2012
HRD Version 5.21 (Notes) May, 2012
HRD Version 5.2 (Notes) April, 2012
HRD Version 5.11a February, 2012

*"You may host these files on your server or have them on a CD, but you may NOT charge for the CD or the access to your server."
(source: http://www.hrdsoftwarellc.com/ 8/26/13)

AmateurLogic.TV is providing this service solely as a courtesy.
We have no connection with HRD Software LLC and will not provide service or support for this software.
We just think it's a great program. However, download and use at your own risk.