AmateurLogic.TV 38: D-Star, Echolink, Audio & Baluns

Episode 38 is On-The-Air ...

AmateurLogic.TV Episode 38 is now available for download.

Getting started with D-Star. Echolink troubleshooting. Pre-processing audio. Solving RFI with the Ugly Balun. Viewer email, announcements, and contest winner.

1:04 of Amateur Radio Entertainment from your friends at .

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Now in HD where available!

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2nd AmateurLogic Roundtable Net

The AmateurLogic D-Star Roundtable net is this Monday night (4/16/12) at 8:30 Central time on Reflector 14, Module C. The net is hosted by Joe Mattern, WX4ADX. If you don’t have a D-Star radio, you can Listen online at .

The AmateurLogic Echolink Roundtable net is this Monday night at 9:00 Central time. The net will be held on Echolink at the *DODROPIN* conference server, node number 355800.

Here is your chance to discuss the show with us. Tell us what you like or don’t like about AmateurLogic.TV. I will be in Vegas this week attending the NAB Show. Tommy and Jim will be holding the net down.