Hello world!

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3 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. techtainment says:

    amateur logic

    These guys sent me thier show last week and with all I’ve been busy with I just now got a chance to sit down and watch it. Amateur Logic is a new technology show featuring in-depth segments on what makes tech tick. The show feels reminiscent of Mr. …

  2. techtainment says:

    amateur logic strikes again

    Episode 2 of AmateurLogic is now available for download. In this episode the guys visit Inner City Broadcasting’s Radio Studios and speak with Roger Lamb, Director of Technical Operations.
    They also introduce two new segments to the show:
    Jim hosts

  3. SmashedAtom says:

    Cool Show…Great Idea…Show me how my gadgets work…Show me how to make more gadgets…Segments are great…Talking heads could move alittle faster…WebTV seems to be growing up…Keep it up…Do a piece on digital video & how to get it into my PC…