Episode 31: Field Day In The Wilderness

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AmateurLogic.TV Episode 31 is now available for download.
Welcome to the first AmateurLogic.TV Field Day Extravaganza. We’ve shown you what Field Day is before by visiting the Jackson Amateur Radio Club’s events. This year we decided to go it alone. The crew (along with a few friends) set off for the woods to get completely off the grid. Jim also wanted to do some astronomy photography and this location offered lower light pollution.
Join us as we setup, operate, and campout to learn what worked and what didn’t. You’re bound to enjoy this AmateurLogic take on Field Day.

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3 thoughts on “Episode 31: Field Day In The Wilderness”

  1. Wished we could’ve worked you guys!! Maybe next year??
    Was a good looking set up you giuys had there!

    73 from N4EMP 1 Alpha AL

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