George joins Ham Nation Podcast

George will be joining Bob Heil (K9EID) and Gordon West (WB6NOA) every Tuesday night at 8pm central on the new Ham Nation podcast. He’ll be doing the ‘Solder and Smoke’ segment aimed at getting new people to join the hobby through building simple projects. It’s going to be a blast (and a lot of work too). Bob and Gordon are doing a great job of expanding our Ham community and George is honored to join them. Watch each Tuesday night at 8pm central or download the podcast from or iTunes a day or so later.

You may even notice some other AmateurLogic.TV hosts on Ham Nation from time to time as well.

AmateurLogic.TV will continue as normal with all your favorite hosts. Look for the next episode soon.

2 thoughts on “George joins Ham Nation Podcast”

  1. Nice to read that,
    I watch Hamnation since it’s start and I like it.
    I think George is the right man in that segment.
    Due to the time diffence between California and Germany I download the show via a podcatcher.
    But once I have to see it live because of the chatroom 😉

    73 Wolf, DC9FO

  2. I saw your video on recovery of parts from the ATX power supply, and I wanted to show you what I did with some parts I recovered from an old ATX power supply, mostly I used the enclosure and the plug,,, any way you’ll see in my youtube video part 2 the toaster oven wiring dissected… don’t know if that link will work but if not you can see several videos on the SMD toaster Oven Project on my youtube channel “Hamradio2008” also you can see many projects that I have now made with the SMD oven controlled from the recovered ATX power supply. Great job on HamNation!

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