Episode 3 is On-The-Air

AmateurLogic.TV Episode 3 is available...

AmateurLogic.TV Episode 3 is now available for download!

No interviews this time… We build a high performance ‘Active Cantenna’ from parts that you should be able to find locally. The big advantage is that you can have a very long cable to the cantenna without any signal loss, which is not possible on other designs.
The construction is shown in enough detail that one could follow along and build their own.

Jim is back with another ‘Website Roundup’ segment.
And Tommy introduces ‘Photo Tips’. This episode’s topic is White Balance.

The show runs about 46 minutes.

Please Email your comments to one of our Contact addresses. As always, we had a blast making this and hope you enjoy viewing it.

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6 thoughts on “Episode 3 is On-The-Air”

  1. Good job guys.. Great to see some great IpTV happening. As a fellow amateur it is great to see publicty for the hobby as well.

    Hope to catchya ya guys on the air some time..

    One thing I this episode that I might suggest that I would have liked to see…. I would liked to see a before and after signal strength with and without the cantenna, but I maybe speaking too soon.. we may see that in ep4 yet (maybe) ..

    Anyhow keep up the good work.. I’m certainly a current viewer but will also be a future viewer…


  2. Thanks fuzzbot,
    You will be seeing a little Cantenna testing in EP4. And we use our 2-meter rigs a little in the process. So hopefully a few geeks will see how useful ham radio can be.

  3. Hello, I noticed about your show in IRC, and I checked it out, and your show is great. As a tech geek and a linux geek, every episode gives me lots of stuff to learn. I just really enjoy it 🙂
    Plus, english is my second language and your show is really understandable, not-so-fast and very clear spoken.

    Great show! Keep up the great work!

  4. Thanks Taka,
    We appreciate your feedback. We are from the southern part of the United States. People around here enjoy a more casual lifestyle and many of us do speak in a more laid back manner. We had never considered that this was beneficial to those who speak english as a second language. Thanks for pointing it out…

  5. hi I just make my dish cantennaAnd I got signal from 200m whit gain -40db(even don;t know what that mean)but the problem is that I am living on the 2_nd floor and I want to put my sat on the roof whitch is 15m above and I am looking for those devices that you mention that can be powered over ethernet cable and I just can’t find such like those on a GOOD price like 50-70$can you help me because I am now whit linksys wireless usb device and is inposible to take 15m of usb cable or put a 15 m of power cable.Or you can make a new epizode how to make those usb powered devises to be powered over ethernet cable.
    Thank’s alot and great job realy.

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