Our 6th. Anniversary

Today marks the sixth anniversary of AmateurLogic.TV. Episode 1 was posted October 12, 2005. It was kind of primitive, but it was the beginning of something that we all enjoy doing. Thanks for watching. You are the fuel that keeps us going. Look for another episode soon.

One thought on “Our 6th. Anniversary”

  1. Congratulation on 6 years! I only found you guys over the past summer, but I’ve caught up on every episode. I enjoy how you convey useful information and that you do it in such a relaxed and friendly manner. Certainly the kind of folks I would enjoy sharing a long QSO with over our favorite beverages.

    I understand the time and effort that is involved to pull off a high quality podcast such as yours and it shows through that you are inspired by your love of the Amateur Radio hobby.

    I also hope the additional exposure you are getting through Ham Nation (FYI, I found out about Ham Nation through you guys, not the other way around) will inspire you to another 6 years and beyond.

    Well done!

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