iPod Video Now Available

AmateurLogic.TV for iPod Video.

AmateurLogic.TV in iPod Video format

Attention iPod Video owners! All episodes of AmateurLogic.TV are now available in the iPod Video format. Using the default QuickTime Pro’s iPod Video settings did not render as small as we would have hoped. So if you’re watching on a PC, your best download value is still the H.264 or WMV version.

One thought on “iPod Video Now Available”

  1. Awesome! How about a podcast-style RSS feed for your episodes so they can be subscribed to in iTunes, etc.?

    I came across your site quite by accident, while perusing lists of ‘favorite vidcasts’ posted in the comments section by readers of (another vidcast). Lots of those mention ended up in my aggregator — but I guess (for now) I’ll have to keep dragging by your web site for AmateurLogic.tv episodes.

    One of the only good remaining memories I have of my father stemmed from his unnatural obsession with ham radio — and I’ve been saddened to see it becoming a ‘lost art’ over the last decade. Hopefully, the lessons learned from Katrina and the frailty of the internet will make it clear enough to young folks that skills such as using a soldering iron, morse code, and ‘building your own’ fostered in the amateur community are as important now in any geek’s arsenal as being able to code in raw HTML without moving your lips.

    Great work! -Dan Oblak, MacBigot.com

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