3 thoughts on “Episode 34: Regenerative Receiver And More”

  1. Another great episode guys!

    A simple regen reciever like peter’s was my first radio project. Maybe you could have mentioned that that very instability that causes the reciever to go into self oscillation is what enables it to pick up cw and ssb without a BFO. Truly a simple but versatile device!

    BTW George, I did think for a moment that I’d was picking up some terrible video interference centre screen – then I realised that it was your shirt ;-). I’m just kidding, of course. Like many dedicated viewers I’m very thankful to all four of you that you take the time to bring us Amateurlogic.tv


  2. Good Day Folks!

    Another great episode, glad to see Jim is back, to being a regular, he was missed, and I really enjoyed his segment. I have a bucket of stepper IR motors, that I salavaged from some old copy machines, and scanners. Peter, great segment has always. I was lucky to have met Gordo, when he visited Universal Radio. Thanks for all that you guys do, I know it takes a lot, to produce, and edit the wonderful content.


    Steven – K8PEZ

  3. Guys, Just saw Episode 34 ad enjoyed it. Really liked the Stepper Motor segment and the NEM tour.

    A word about the N.E.M.; They (K3NEM) are Net Control of the Northrop Grumman Family Net, every Wednesday @ 2000 on 14.270MHz; NG retirees, and active NG Club Stations K3NEM (BWI), W6NSD (WH, Ca.), W6NGC (Azusa, Ca.), W6TRW (LAX), NG7SL (SLC). All HAMS are welcome to check in and say hi.

    Keep up the good work!!

    73’s de Mike WA6FXT

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