AmateurLogic.TV 35: Merry Christmas, Happy New Year & The Australian Cantenna

Episode 35 is On-The-Air ...

AmateurLogic.TV Episode 35 is now available for download.

It’s the Merry Christmas and Happy New Year show.
Tommy discusses installing Linux on an old PC. George shows us the Icom IC-718 and IC-7200 rigs, plus RS-BA1 remote control software. Peter builds another canntenna with increased gain. Jim tells us what he wants for Christmas.

[EDITORS NOTE: This video states incorrectly that DSP Noise Reduction is optional on the IC-718. DSP IS included in the IC-718 at no additional cost.]

1:02:17 of Holiday Cheer and fun stuff…

Now in HD where available!

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One thought on “AmateurLogic.TV 35: Merry Christmas, Happy New Year & The Australian Cantenna”

  1. All I can say is WOW! You guys out did yourselves with this episode. The quality of the video and sound on my computer using Windows Media Player was phnomenal. The ICOM radio gear segment was just great. Now I know a little something about software based radio. Thank you and keep the episodes coming.
    73 Jake

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