We’re On-The-Air

Amateurlogic.TV Episode 1
Episode one is now available for download! We visit a commercial WiFi Site and look inside to see what makes it work.
Plus, there’s a short segment on Emergency Power.

Choose the appropriate Torrent Download for your media player. If you don’t already have a bit torrent client installed, there are a few to choose from at download.com and ZDNet .

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3 Responses to “We’re On-The-Air”

  1. george says:

    Episode One is now also available for online viewing at


  2. linlin says:

    Great show you guys. Im looging forward to episode 2 very much.

    Maybe youve seen my show http://www.tehshow.org

    I know what goes into making a show like this so I can appreciate your origionality and the usefullness of your content.

    If you need any mirrors for your show let me know, it would be no problem.

  3. NOTE: linlin’s former show “tehshow” has been replaced by http://www.techcentric.org