Episode 19: 2008 Capital City Hamfest

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AmateurLogic.TV Episode 19 is now available for download.

George and Tommy attend one of the best hamfests in the South. The 2008 Capital City Hamfest in Jackson, MS. Join us as we visit with familiar faces, explore boat anchors, buy gear and more. Plus we’ve got coverage of the Introduction to Ham Radio, Antenna Theory and QRP Kit Building forums.

It’s 44:49 of Hamfest fun.

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Note: Episode 19 contains shortened versions of the forums. The Full length forums are available for download separately.

3 Responses to “Episode 19: 2008 Capital City Hamfest”

  1. ke5qkr says:

    73’s to John Britton KC5KWZ who I noticed was in this episode. He is the one that turn me to the AmateurLogic.tv website in the first place. Congratulations to him on his upgrade to the General class licesnse also.

  2. K8PEZ says:

    Another great episode – can’t wait for episode 20

  3. All your AmateurLogic friends have been very busy lately. We hope to be releasing episode 20 before too much longer. Thanks for your patience.