Please Stand By

Please Stand By...

All of us at AmateurLogic.TV have been very busy with life and work since episode 19 was released. Have no fear though, we will resume broadcasting shortly…

Parts of episode 20 are already in the can and we hope to complete it during April. In the meantime, please take the time to view some of the episodes you may have missed.

Thanks for watching!

8 Responses to “Please Stand By”

  1. vk2btc says:

    Looks like I’ll have to satisfy myself with the re-runs for awhile.:-)

  2. Nasanut42 says:

    There re-runs are better then any tv show we have on now.Just cant beat someone building a soft-rock radio and showing you how.Keep up the great job guys.

  3. vk3pb says:

    Hi all

    Speaking of looking at old episodes I note from Youtube that not so many viewers watched episode 14 (???). This is surprising as Jimmy has an interesting encounter with his swimming pool in this episode! Those old episodes are definently worth downloading!

    I’m looking forward to helping make our next episode too. See you soon.

    cheers Peter VK3PB

  4. oh2ffy says:

    Hi Peter VK3PB

    You wrote -”Jimmy has an interesting encounter with his swimming pool”

    What I wonder is — Why does Jimmy go to grab his nose when falling in.?
    Doesn’t he know that his own pool is only 3 feet deep ? :-D

    Hihi , well done to the team , looking forward to your next program.


    gregW:-) OH2FFY
    The Ozzie lost way up North.

  5. K8PEZ says:

    Good Day,

    I really enjoy watching the past episodes, my favorite part of the show is “from the work bench”. Don’t get me wrong though, I really enjoy the entire program, lots of variety. Many thanks to the entire Amateur Logic crew for what you do!


  6. ke5qjx says:

    This waiting is just pure torture.. Great show guys cant wait for the next one.

  7. Episode 20 shooting is complete. You only have a few days to wait before its online…

  8. K8PEZ says:

    That’s great news! Thanks for the update.