Episode 22: Signals Museum Tour Part 2

Episode 22 is On-The-Air ...

AmateurLogic.TV Episode 22 is now available for download.

Episode 22 features part two of a tour of the Australian Army’s Signals Museum. Vintage communications equipment from WW1 – the Vietnam era. Plus the answer to the question posed in part one concerning to use of the odd cw device with two keys.

17 minutes of old radios and war stories.

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4 Responses to “Episode 22: Signals Museum Tour Part 2”

  1. ZL1ST says:

    Thanks guys looking forward to watching this one, Hope to see more soon as I love watching your show

  2. K8PEZ says:

    Peter, great episode! I really enjoyed the tour, very interesting and educational. Looking forward to seeing the whole crew back in the next episode.

    Steven – K8PEZ

  3. K8PEZ says:

    Good Day!

    Are you guys still around? Any new episodes in the works?


    Steven – K8PEZ

  4. We are still around. But getting the next episode out has been slow going. We hope to have one soon…