7 thoughts on “Episode 23: Back From A Long Summer Vacation”

  1. Great to see you guys again! Great episode as always, it was good to see Jimmy again. Any plans for some “workbench” projects? I really miss those segments.



  2. Jim’s face is quality when george comes up to him!

    Great episode folks, keep up the good work 🙂

  3. Great show as always! It was good to see Jim again.

    Is there any chance that you guys could do a segment on CW keys, paddles, bugs, etc.? Maybe you could daytrip to the Vibroplex factory in Mobile,AL.
    That would be very interesting to see!

    vy 73
    Bob – W9WTF

  4. I LOVE that Simpson meter. I am fond of the Simpson Model 29’s and found a voltmeter and ammeter on Ebay for a power supply I built. They are top notch. Sometimes you just don’t get the effect out of a digital readout that you do needles. I let the smoke out of one last year, and I was REAL depressed about it. The unit was a hamfest special, that, as usual, was WYSIWYG and it turned out that I had to rewire the whole thing!

  5. Hey guys, the crowds are rioting out side. they want more. Love the subject matter. I have an idea for a segment. do a showing of a sudmarine retractable discone antenna. if you dont know what im talking about. Check out the movie Hunt for red october. in the part when they show this sub in dry dock, ryan is talking to his friend skip in his office. look out side of the window as skip is talking and youll see a sub’s discone antenna extending and retracting. See if you cant get more on that for the veiwers. And more on discone antennas too.

  6. Really enjoy watching your episodes. Hey, how far are you folks from Sevierville, Tn? Ten Tec might make a really nice tour to feature on your show!

    73 de AF6IT

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