Episode 28: Echolink for the iPhone

Episode 28 is On-The-Air ...

AmateurLogic.TV Episode 28 is now available for download.
In this episode Tommy demonstrates the great EchoLink for iPhone application. Peter shows us his shortwave QSL collection. Our guest Charlie, KY5U teaches us about Streaming Video and CamRadio.Net. And George talks about I.F. (Intermediate Frequency) in radio receivers and how it can relate to Software Defined Radio use. Plus plenty of viewer email and Facebook comments.

Its 56:30 of very informative amateur radio content.

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One Response to “Episode 28: Echolink for the iPhone”

  1. vk3pb says:

    I tried out the Echolink application on my Itouch (Ipod) and talked to George and Tommy in Mississippi. It’s awesome! Highly recommended.