AmateurLogic 69: DV Mega Load

Episode 69 is On-The-Air ...

AmateurLogic.TV Episode 69 is now available for download.

In this episode Peter demonstrates a new microcontrolled component test. George talks all about Dummy Loads. Tommy shows us the new DV Mega Raspberry Pi D-Star Hotspot. And a visit to the K7LWH D-Star Repeater site in Bellevue Washington.

We also announce our 9th Anniversary Sweepstakes where some ham is going to win the Ultimate Mobile Station.

1:20:46 of premium Ham Radio content.


AmateurLogic 9th Anniversary Sweepstakes

9th Anniversary Sweepstakes

We are celebrating the 9th Anniversary of AmateurLogic.TV with a great mobile sweepstakes. Come register to win an Icom IC-7100 HF/VHF/UHF/DSTAR Radio with touchscreen. You are going to need antennas with that so we’ve teamed up with MFJ, Tarheel, GigaParts and Comet. The winner will receive a Little Tarheel HD Screwdriver Antenna with Ameritron SDC-104 Auto Tuner and Comet CA-2x4SR Broadband VHF/UHF antenna. To mount these we’ve got some great Comet CP-5M and HD-5 3/8-24 Universal antenna lip mounts.
It’s the ultimate mobile setup and some lucky AmateurLogic viewer is going to be very happy. Visit for details. The contest is opened to licensed amateurs in the United States and Canada.
Visit for details.

AmateurLogic 68: Field Day 2014

Episode 68 is On-The-Air ...

AmateurLogic.TV Episode 68 is now available for download.

It’s been three years since the ALTV team did Field Day in the wood. We disturb the peace and quiet of Shrock, MS this episode for another Field Day adventure. Listen to the roar of generators and crickets. Learn a little about the history of the site. Take a look at the location, tent and our choice of antennas. Check Wayne’s coax cables with the Megger(we were surprised what we found). Peter joins us to chat about Field Day and a report on his KN-Q7A transceiver kit. Witness the great Quadcopter mishap, plus much more.

1:35:04 of good outdoor Ham fun.



GigaParts Ham Radio Day Special

GigaParts Ham Radio Day Special...

GigaParts 2014 Ham Radio Day Special is now available for download.

On March 29, 2014 Tommy and George visited the annual GigaParts’ Ham Radio Day. Come along for the trip and see interviews you won’t find anywhere else. Ray Novak from Icom America, Phil Parton from Kenwood, Dennis Motschenbacker from Yeasu, Emmett Hohensee from Radiowavz, Richard Stubbs from MFJ, George Howard from GigaParts, Charlie Emerson from Huntsville Hamfest, and Tom Medlin from W5KUB.

53:06 of Huntsville fun.



AmateurLogic 64: Vegemite or Die!

Episode 64 is On-The-Air ...

AmateurLogic.TV Episode 64 is now available for download.

Peter sends Tommy and George some Australian treats. See how they react to Vegemite.
George has an introduction into cheaply receiving and decoding digital signals.
Peter brings us the Making of AmateurLogic Downunder.
Tommy builds an Arduino Heads-Up display for use with rigs that have Cat ports and more.

1:16:45 recorded live before an Internet audience.


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AmateurLogic 63: All About Radio

Episode 63 is On-The-Air ...

AmateurLogic.TV Episode 63 is now available for download.

Tommy and George visit the Jackson Amateur Radio Club’s 2014 Capital City Hamfest and bring back some unique stories. A special appearance by the guys from Ham Dynasty. Peter talks All About Radio. Tommy shows us simple tips to Secure Your Pi. And George brings us some Soldering Tip Tips.

1:04:52 of ALTV with the usual suspects.


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